18 Oct 2014

World Cup 2015 Pool

At long last, it was settled on 30 July 2013 that Australia would have 26 matches, while New Zealand got an offer of 23 matches in the competition.

The competition will emphasize 14 groups, the same number as the 2011 World Container, giving partner and associate part countries an opportunity to participate. The configuration is the same as the 2011 version. 14 groups will participate in the beginning stages, isolated into two gatherings of seven. The seven groups play one another once before the main four groups from each one gathering fit the bill for the quarter-finals. The configuration guarantees that each one group gets to play at least six matches regardless of the fact that they retreat in the gathering stage.

World Cup 2015 Pool

All cricket updates provides here the Full fixture of World Cup 15.
Pool A
                  Sri Lanka
                  New Zealand
Pool B
                      South Africa
                      West Indies

                      United Arab Emirates

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