16 Oct 2014

sachin tendulkar's final speech

                          All my friends, settle down, let me talk

The final goodbye to the legendary SRT, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Players, officials, broadcasters, everybody present in the stadium including Sachin’s family had a lump in their throat and knew what they witnessing was historic and surely a story to tell their grandchildren.

sachin tendulkar's final speech

We would like to be introduced his last speech at Wankhede Stadium.Undoubtedly it was an emotional moment for Sachin and the entire nation. Everyone had their eyes moist, when the Sachin spoke for one last time as a cricketer, he soon turned a “former player” a term unassociated with Tendulkar since the past 24 years. He thanked everyone who played an instrumental role in his long and illustrious career and touched a billion hearts, watch the speech and listen to the master, because when he speaks the word pauses and listens. Leave you with his moving words and message, player like him comes once in a long long time.

sachin tendulkar's final speech

"All my friends, (pause) settle down, let me talk. I would like to thank people who have played an important role in my life. For the first time, I'm carrying a list so that I don't forget them. The most important person in my life, I miss him, since 1999, my father. Without his guidance, I don't think I would be standing in front of you. He told me, "chase your dreams and don't find shortcuts." He told me to be a very good human being. Whenever I've done something special, when I raised my bat, it was for my father.

sachin tendulkar's final speech

My mother, I don't know how she managed such a naughty child like me. She took care of me. She started praying for me before I started playing cricket. Her prayers are blessings and a big thank you for all her sacrifices.

I can't forget my uncle and aunt who I stayed with during my school day. My aunt fed me when I was tired after playing so that I could be stronger and play harder the next day. My elder brother Nitin always encouraged me. My sister Savita was the one who gifted me my first cricket bat, it was a Kashmir Willow.

sachin tendulkar's final speech

Ajit, my brother, what can I say about him. He sacrificed his career for me to pursue my cricket. He took me to my coach Ramakant Achrekar and that changed my life. Even last night, he called me and we spoke about my dismissal. We still discuss technique. We have argued over it and had it not been for all that, I would have been a lesser cricketer.The most beautiful thing happened to me in 1990, when I met my wife. When we decided to start a family, Anjali told me to continue my career with cricket and said that she would take up the responsibility of the family. Thanks for bearing with me, my frustration which I have thrown. You are the best partnership I've had in my life.

sachin tendulkar's final speech

Then, the two precious diamonds of my life, Sarah and Arjun. They've already grown up. I wanted to spend so much time with them on special occasions like birthdays, annual days, going on holidays, I've missed out on all of them. Thanks for understanding me, you are so special to me, you cannot imagine. These 14 and 16 years, I couldn't spend enough time with you, but the next many years are all for you.

My inlaws, Anand and Annabel Mehta the most important think they did was to allow me to marry their daughter. All my friends, during my childhood have helped me a lot, whenever I asked them to bowl to me, they would leave their work. My friends have woken up at 3 o'clock in the morning to drive with me during times of injury when I thought my career was over.
The turning point of my career was when my brother took me to my coach, Achrekar Sir. I was extremely happy to see him in the stands, normally he watches on TV. Sir would take me all overMumbai on his scooter to play two matches and get match practice. He has never told me 'well played' and maybe now he can say that as there is no more cricket in my life.

My cricket started at the Wankhede for Mumbai. Thank you very much for taking care of me. BCCI was fantastic, right from my debut, believing in my ability, selecting me at the age of 16, the faith they put in me, thank you. You were with me when I was injured and took good care of me so that I could come back and play.
Thanks so much to all the cricketers I've watched on TV although I couldn't play with them. Dravid, Sourav, Laxman and all of them here, Anil is not here, you are like my family away from home. I know when MS Dhoni presented my 200th Test cap on day 1, in the morning, I had a special message for the team. We are special and should be proud to be part of this Indian team. I believe, we are the lucky ones chosen by the almighty to serve the sport. I have full faith in you that you will continue to serve the nation and brings all the laurels to our country.

I'd be failing if I don't thank all the doctors and the physios without whose special efforts on this body. They have come from Chennai and far to tend to me and have kept me in good shape.
My good friend, Mark Mascarenhas, my first manager. He loved cricket, loved Indian cricket and gave me all the space and took care of all the promotions and sponsors. Thank you, Mark, I miss you.

Someone who has worked more than 14 years with me, my manager Vinod Naidu. A big thank you to your family as well for giving so much time to me. Thank you so much to all the media for supporting me and my performances. Thank you so much to all the photographers who have captured all the moments. I know my speech is getting too long but this is the last thing I want to say...

Thank you to all of you who have flown in from all around the world. You mean a lot. I've met so many guys who have fasted for me, done so many things for me. Time has flown by rather quickly but the memories that you have left will always be with me, specially 'Sachin... Sachin...' will reverberate in my head. If I have missed out on anything or anyone, I'm sorry and I hope you understand. Goodbye!Sachin Tendulkar.

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